Graphic designers

Our Mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow by cutting down their hr cost upto 70% through reliable offshore assistancy.

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Logo & Business Card Design​

Marketing Assets – Landing Pages, Display Ads, Banners​

Web Layouts, Coupons & Infographics

Print Collaterals – Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs​

Branding Materials, Corporate Packaging, Pdf’s & Templates​

Livtual Advantage

  • Graphic designers at Livtual are skilled with adobe photoshop & illustrator.
  • They have a wide variety of experience gathered from working with digital marketing agencies and businesses offering a wide range of products & from different industry backgrounds. They have helped school teachers create their collaterals, worked with law firms in designning their marketing ads, helped ecommerce stores with their inventory image editing, helped fashion houses in the design work, helped trainers & modelling agencies in photoshopping the images, restaurants creating their menu’s, digital agencies in making all kinds of print & online ads, layouts & templates. From brick n mortar to highly streamlined digital space, we have worked with businesses all across!
  • Working with businesses all across the globe has given our designers a wider perspective in designing for the purpose, role & keep target audience as the most important factor while they design to impress & inspire your clients.
  • They have excellent communication skills, work with all sorts of file storage and project management software’s at ease and can tackle all kinds of design projects.
  • They bring quality & professionalism to the table and execute all your design & creative tasks with attention to detail and use latest techniques and design inferences to create work that speaks for itsel

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